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Mile High Aerial Photography – Drone Photography and Filming

About Mile High
Aerial Photography

Mile High Aerial Photography has positioned itself as the main player in the UAV industry along the mid-North Coast, being appropriately licensed and insured. We are compliant with Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and other regulatory entities.

We are at the forefront of the innovations that occur in the UAV industry due to our affiliations with CASA, Air Services Australia and additional relevant associations. With commercial-level skills and training, we have accumulated six years’ experience as UAV operators.

Drone Videos and Footage

To really bring a project alive and allow the viewer to experience something special, aerial videography is the way to go. We produce beautiful smooth cinematic videos from a stunning aerial perspective that always inspires. Captured in high definition, our video productions are state of the art. This product is extremely popular with real-estates and construction firms alike. What better way for a prospective buyer to really experience their potential new property?

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Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial UAV photography provides a unique perspective. Shots can be taken at different angles and elevations that simple aren’t possible from the ground. Aerial photography can transform a routine photo shoot into something special. Utilising some of the finest UAV technology on offer, we produce stunning, crisp, high resolution photo’s that really showcase a property or event. Real-estate client’s love aerial property shots because they let prospective buyers see the home in context with the surroundings. They’re particularly useful for larger properties and farms.

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Real Estate Photography

Since becoming known for delivering great aerial real estate photography and videography, we began to be asked to provide the ground shots too. We now provide high quality interior and exterior shots on their own or in conjunction with aerial work. Our experienced photographer will bring the best out of your home and help you achieve your sales goals. For ground video, we bring the same slow-panning, sweeping shots that we create in the air by utilising ‘steady-cam’ technology, producing a seamless cinematic production.

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Aerial Survey Spotting

Mile High Aerial Photography is licensed through Civil Aviation Safety Authority to do all forms of spotting. Whether it’s helping our councils with shark spotting on our local beaches or fire spotting for fire departments, we are trained and equipped. And of course, because we use the latest drone equipment. We are much more affordable and versatile compared to traditional helicopters.

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TV & Web Video Production

Another exciting area we’re involved with is producing material for TV and web-video marketing. We can provide both high quality stills and video either on the ground or in the air. We can then put this all together with professional editing, soundtrack and voiceover. Incorporating aerial shots really lifts any production and makes it special.

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Corporate & Commercial Photography

We provide a full range of commercial and corporate photography services. Projects range from site development time-lapse shoots, reception interiors and building brochure shots, to exciting aerial shots. We also provide colour floor-plans and highly accurate mapping of sites.

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We are at the forefront of the innovations that occur in the UAV industry due to our affiliations with CASA, Air Services Australia and additional relevant associations.

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